Cleaning of tapestries, wall hangings, bed heads

The cleaning of tapestries, wall hangings, bed heads by our company, specialized in luxury cleaning since 1978.

One of our technicians will first remove the dust by hand before selecting the most suitable method for completely cleaning your wall hangings or tapestries.

Bed heads will be cleaned in our workshops or on the spot depending on the condition and size of the bed head

Our technician will come to your home either to remove the fabrics and clean them in our workshops, or to carry out the cleaning on the spot. Whichever solution you choose, our cleaning procedure guarantees you optimum results.

Specialized in luxury cleaning since 1978, each member of our team has been trained in the cleaning and maintenance of the most precious textiles, thus guaranteeing you high-quality work. Hence every part of your interior decorations will be handled with the greatest care and attention.

Nettoyage de tapis Coupvray
Nettoyage de tapis Marne la Vallée
Nettoyage de tapis Seine et Marne
Nettoyage de tapis 77
Nettoyage de tapis Paris

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